Field Mobile TetraFlex®

Field Mobile TetraFlex

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DAMM's Field Mobile TetraFlex® (FMT) solution is a fully functional two-carrier TETRA communication system. Housed in a 19" modular cassette, it has been specifically designed for field deployable solutions. Its convenient size and form factor mean that it can be easily built-in to trucks, cars, containers or other mobile units.

Rapid deployment in even the toughest situations

The FMT system offers a flexible, mobile and compact TETRA system with very low power consumption. Its convenient size means that it can be rapidly and easily deployed in the field to respond to fastchanging demands in location, capacity and coverage. The system has been designed to meet the very highest security, safety and reliability requirements, especially in situations where people's lives and safety depend upon reliable communications.

Mission-critical capability comes as standard

The FMT system has already been successfully deployed in military field operations, by army, air forces and in rapid deployment exercises. The increasingly fast-paced and hightech military environment places extremely tough demands on communications systems, and the ability to coordinate and combine resources and rapidly disseminate accurate information is crucial. FMT is also ideal for a wide range of less dramatic but sometimes vital applications, including offshore deployment, humanitarian relief work, event management, on-campus communications, and much more.

Easy scalability and complete interoperability

FMT allows full scalability or integration into larger multi-site networks. This is achieved by connecting the system to other FMT racks or existing TetraFlex®  networks via the IP-based network infrastructure. FMT is also capable of performing group calls to any other TETRA or even analogue network, regardless of manufacturer, via the optional TetraFlex® Group Bridge solution.

Plug-and-play simplicity and flexibility in one

Thanks to the well-known operational plug-and-play simplicity of the TetraFlex® system on which it is based, FMT provides a fully operational communications system in no time. It also provides total flexibility for quick extensions in both subscriber capacity and coverage area.

Powerful TETRA performance in a compact format

Despite its compact dimensions, the FMT system provides the full range of TETRA features. Through its gateways, it is also interoperable with many other legacy networks, including PSTN/POTS, GSM, TETRA and other systems. Optionally, FMT has a wide range of advanced software tools, such as remote Network Management, Voice & Data Log System for recording, storing and replaying all calls and SDS messages, and our advanced Dispatcher solution with its GPS positioning system.