TetraFlex® Dynamic Subscriber Assignment (DSA)

Dynamic subscriber assignment

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Enhancing Communications Coverage with TetraFlex® Dynamic Subscriber Assignment (DSA)
DSA, released with the TetraFlex® SW 7.7, is an intelligent way realising quick and easy system setups or migration of terminals from one infrastructure to another. Registering terminals securely, but with minimal infrastructure subscriber maintenance. DSA is following DAMM's strategy to invent solutions for Mission Critical Operations, e.g. such as catastrophe scenarios. 


TetraFlex® Dynamic Subscriber Assignment (DSA)
Enhancing Communications Coverage

The TetraFlex® Dynamic Subscriber Assignment is a new interesting feature, that together with the scalable and compact TetraFlex® system, provides a future oriented safe solution to secure communications at ”black spots” where currently established TETRA infrastructures, such as country- or region wide public safety networks have lack of coverage. The feature makes it possible for subscribers of any TETRA “home” network, automatically to be included in the TetraFlex® “guest” network within seconds. With a dynamic and automatic registration process no subscriber management is needed. While saving operational costs, users benefit of an instant and full end-to-end encrypted communication, with a full set of TETRA features available.

TetraFlex® DSA Feature offers:
• Automatic instant assignment of subscribers and creation of groups
• Access through simple group change at subscriber terminal
• Acceptance / rejection of new subscribers according to predefined filters
• Full end-to-end encrypted communication
• Automatic take-over of ISSI numbers
• The DSA comes as standard feature in the TetraFlex® software
Colour code support for neighbour buildings

• Extended communication coverage for “black spots” in emergency situations
• No change in operation procedures for users (using same terminal)
• No capacity load on existing “home” network
• Easy installation and deployment
• No subscriber management needed
• Full TETRA features
• Advanced software tools available; Dispatcher, Logging, Packet Data, GW etc.
• Full redundancy available
• Reuse of allocated frequency spectrum
• Internal battery power supply
• Independent of manufacturing brand of “home” TETRA network
• Supports IOP certified brands of terminals